Christmas Tree, Cocoa, and Rain | Life in the PNW | December 5 on 5

Timing is everything when you live in the Pacific Northwest. You can't really hope to be outdoors without running from rain showers or torrential downpours, even while hunting for the perfect tree. 

You'll notice that one of my kids doesn't follow the traditional winter attire. Shorts, running shoes, and his obligatory backwards cap sums up his go-to wardrobe choices (but I love him for it).

I didn't take all that many photos this year because well, it was raining and I actually wanted to look for a tree. 

The farm we visited, Sunny Day Tree Farm, was quaint, not packed with people, and had a beautiful selection of Nordmann Firs. If you live in the Portland Metro area, I highly suggest patronizing their farm.

Such a gorgeous view of the valley. You can imagine how lovely it would be on a less cloudy day!

The boy is having more fun each year in front of the camera. The faces he makes...!

Thank goodness for kids who make sure dad is doing a "good" job.

She was tired, grumpy, and wielding a saw. Very unlike my talkative and happy-go-lucky girl, this day she wouldn't give me any insight into what was bothering her. In retrospect, I think she wanted to help more and found she's just not big enough yet.

Do you cut your own tree from a farm? Or visit a tree lot? Maybe you get a forest pass and trek into the wilderness! Share your family traditions in a comment below!

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