A Light in the Dark | Our Annual Lantern Walk | Portland Documentary Photography

We've participated for years in our school's fall lantern walk and celebration of Martinmas. In the early childhood years, the magic is thick as we stroll through Crystal Springs Garden, encountering treasured friends who pass out apples, popcorn, and food to feed the birds at home.

We have since graduated from this rhythm and into the more poignant meaning of moving inwards as the darkness settles in earlier and earlier. Hence, we carry our lanterns to mark this change of season, both seen and unseen.

This year, the rain decided to join us, so after a rush to grab the lanterns so carefully set up outdoors, we relocated to the gym, where we were all warm and dry. A group of dedicated parents relit the snuffed candles and placed them around the gym.

After a brief, but beautiful Martinmas play, the children gathered with their teachers to head outdoors for their walk. Here are some moments from the night, showcasing handmade lanterns, rain jackets, and quite a few relighting of lanterns.

Parents and children joined one another walking down the path around the school grounds, lanterns in hand, rain coming down, but spirits lifted in unison for the company we kept.

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