Bagels, Bikes, Brothers, and a Sister | A Morning Full of Feelings | Portland Family Storytelling

I stood at the door with little A screaming because, hey, there's a stranger looking into her house, and she's trapped on the other side of the child gate. Big bro was cool and allowed me inside, while sister still gave me the side eye.

A box of Cheez-Its and some solo time on the couch allowed her to get cozy with me. We were kind of best buds after our bonding time.

The kids ate bagels and bacon, playing around with it more than eating, likely. You know kids...

Showing off all the cool things they have made, how the oldest plays guitar, the middle loves his binoculars, jumping on beds, running through the house, bouncing balls, arguing, laughing, making faces, climbing door frames, bare chubby feet, getting on coats and helmets, and venturing too far down the sidewalk into the "forest". Everything that makes life GOOD.

Mom and Dad even got some time to snuggle (golden).