Twelve Years Around the Sun | Portland Documentary Family Fun

You know those friends who just get you? The ones who have the most ridiculous humor and can't wait to let you on their little secret? Well, these boys, oh, THESE boys fit the bill 100%. They are awesome and I adore them all. It's such a joy to watch them together, especially when celebrating Carter's birthday!

As Carter picks up his first gift, he's told that, "This is the BEST gift ever!" He's standing there, shaking the present, which totally sounds like a Lego set. But, it's not...

At this point, I'm laughing so hard, I have tears on my face and I can't see through my viewfinder very well. We are onto the second present that shakes like Legos. Bet you want to know what these gifts are, don't ya?

OMG, 5 boxes of cereal, 4 of which I would NEVER boy because they are pure sugar. I think these might have been the highlight of present opening (ever).

Sister shares her enormous shake with big bro, because "it is way too sweet!" The shake then made it's way around the table for all the boys to sample to the last drop.

More sugar, salt, fries, burgers, laughter, and college basketball on the TV. Yep, I think this was a birthday to go down in the books. I have a 12 year old. TWELVE! 

Who else thinks time honestly speeds up every year? I know parents are warned about this phenomena, but I think it might be true. So, I'm taking a bit more time to enjoy these rascally children I love so dearly (most of the time) and not think about what is around the corner.

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