Welcoming Baby Fox | Portland Family Storytelling Photographer

I woke early, driving in the dark as the moon was still setting, marveling at how beautiful the pre-dawn sky could look. It was enormous and made me think about how the family of five I was about to photograph was also having their own hugely momentous days.

Days filled with all the wonder that surrounds the addition of a new human on this earth; and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture the seemingly simple, but unforgettable interactions that will be cherished for years to come.

The house was dark, so I sat in the car for just a few minutes until I saw the lights slowly being turned on. Camera in hand, I knocked on the door and was met by mama, Renee, in pajamas, with bed head and looking just right. The two older kids were watching a cartoon on the laptop in the office, too engrossed to consider my presence on an early Saturday morning.

I spent some time with the big kids and then heard the sweet waking cries and wandered into the bedroom to find dad with little Fox. My goodness, look at those cheeks, the love between daddy and son, the awe! There's nothing quite like this moment, so I stood there, mesmerized and made picture after picture.

Screen time is over, breakfast is being made, and the kids just do their own thing. What's big sis doing? Stretching, of course.

The rest of this series is just a peek at what happens in 4 hours. If you're a parent, you know just how much fun/trouble everyone can get into, right?!

Life is great. Whatever your family looks like, it's worth the time to document it! 

Thanks for taking a peek at what I do and if you think it's awesome, then contact me so we can make your own days monumental.