Fall + Winter Mini-Sessions (and what you may not know) | Documenting the Real Stuff in Portland

I see you. Yes, you. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and the sun is setting at a reasonable hour. Something clicks in your brain that things are changing and it's time to get some pretty pictures taken.

Do you envision glorious golden light, streaming through the red hues of maple trees; your family gathered around you, hopefully smiling and not screaming at one another? What about the outfits you so carefully crafted in hopes it wouldn't be raining and everyone would gladly wear them?

Does this sound familiar? Are you feeling stressed just reading this? What if it RAINS? What if my kids don't like what we are wearing? What if they don't like the photographer and scowl the mere 20 minutes we have? 

What if you could do something different? 

What if we just hung out and found what makes you happiest? Your real life on film? 

Moments brought to life on your walls, in a book, on your desk. Imagine sitting on your couch as your child flips through the pages of memories and even if she's too young to recall, she can FEEL what it was like. 

We are feeling beings. I want to celebrate your everyday, not just the time you decided to get dressed all spiffy and spend 20 minutes getting your photos taken for the year. 

We can still be outside, with the beautiful leaves and the setting sun, but you will be you, and I will be me and it will be awesome.

Maybe you want to head to the pumpkin patch, with mud past your ankles, eating donuts and grumbling about not finding the perfect pumpkin. 

You love to bake and your kids love to eat, so you invite me over for an epic afternoon of flour, sugar, butter, and a hot oven full of delights.

Your kids are learning to ski or snowboard and you want to remember the absolute joy of success, so you invite me up to the mountain to catch all the ups and down (literally) and of course, a giant mug of hot cocoa.

Are you imagining the wonder now? Where does your heart take you? Can I come along? I promise we will have an experience worth remembering for years. Scroll on down, read the goods and give me an old-fashioned email, because the new thing is DM, right?

All my best,