I did a thing! Hello, CreativeLive | Portland Documentary Photography

CreativeLive: the epitome of all things solid and awesome about photography education, with unbelievable talent taking their time to share all their secrets with other creatives, like me. 

I've been following various photographers over the years, learning techniques, new skills, business inspiration and more through CreativeLive; live programming with a studio audience and on point goodness.

This year, things were off the charts different though. Instead of sitting in my home office, watching my computer screen, I was invited to sit in the LIVE audience while Kirsten Lewis and Marie Masse shared their most inspiring stories and thoughts on making it in the family documentary photography world.

I didn't even know Kirsten was going to be on CL. I saw a few fellow photographers post about it in some groups, so I casually looked into the class and realized I had only 2 days to apply to be in the audience. Thinking there was NO way I would get in due to the late date and all the people applying, I bought the class. A couple hours later, I decided to apply anyway, because why the heck not?

I kept checking my email like a fool and finally saw the invite. I might have screeched...

I frantically got flights booked (yes, I flew, because I hate driving unless I need to), found childcare, and then magically got hooked up with 3 other ladies who I "know" to share an Air B&B.

2 nights and 3 days in Seattle, YES!

Oh, ya. I also submitted my website for critique! I shared a lot of emotions with 2 other fellow photographers who had also thought,  "Hey, what a great idea to have our work critiqued and viewed all over the world!" And to add the cherry on top, we got miked, sat next to Kirsten as she went though our work. No, we had prior knowledge this would happen, just in case you were wondering.

I sat on a high stool, with my mind racing, wondering what the hell Kirsten was going to say about my site, my work, and as a general reflection, myself. She made me laugh, sigh, and even cry when she insisted that I repeat the words, "I am good!" I took away more passion and commitment to doing what I love because someone else made me realize it for myself. So, thank you, Kirsten!

If you made it this far, here are some of my favorite moments from the end of taping. 

This one deserves comment. Here, Kirsten holds the bladder of a wine box, which is known in certain circles to work well as a pillow while camping, or ya know, where ever you may be drinking and tired.


Thank you for staying with me until the very end! I have so much appreciation for being in a group of other women photographers and sharing our journey. Please check out Erin Berry, Lancaster County, PA Photographer for what I'm sure will be some phenomenal moments!