Amusement Park for the Win! | Portland Storytelling Photography

While shopping for a weekend camping trip at the local market, we fortuitously ran into friends who were going to Oaks Amusement Park. Of course my daughter gleefully accepted the invitation to play in the sun and try some rides that not even a year ago she did NOT like at all. Her words were something like, "I will NEVER go on that ride EVER again!" 

This visit was hot, sweaty, and full of lots of laughter. There were some frustrated moments and even tears at the end (oops, I thought she would be able to handle the Spider: not true!) 

FREEEEEEEEEEE FALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Liv and I rode this together at least 5 times, each time, our stomachs dropping out from under us while we giggled uncontrollably.

A thumbs up and half-hidden huge smile as she turned and dropped. There's nothing quite like watching your child light up on a ride!

This was a giant tugboat that went up and down rails and then flipped around the opposite way, as though we all like the feeling of being sea-sick! These two rockstars took it all in stride, enjoying the 5-6 times they went on it. Friends are the best, aren't they?

Oaks Park is the oldest running amusement park in the country and their carousel is a beautiful show of how well cared for the park is. We rode around a couple times, listening to the history of the carousel: how each one is fully carved from wood and hand painted. SO cool!

We walked together down the midway, hand in hand, to "research" more rides and decided to take a break and play a round of mini golf.

As the day went on, I discovered how brave my sweet Liv has become. She overcame some initial fears of twirling and going fast as well as learning where her limits are. I'm so blessed to join her on these learning expeditions as I learn something not just about her, but also about myself.

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