Welcoming Baby Levi | Fresh 48 Portland Documentary Photographer

I like babies. They are tiny, wrinkly, and the color of a dragonfruit when they cry. Parents snuggle up with their freshness, examining the subtleness of their facial expressions and I stand in awe of the emotion that sweeps the room, like a gust of wind through an open window.

Bringing a new life into the world is a big deal. Family and friends are not so patiently waiting for the invitation to come meet your new wonder. Hopefully, they are bringing helping hands, a quiet spirit, and some good food! 

The first hours after birth, whether in the hospital, a birthing center, or at home are momentous.

Big brother, Owen, got to meet his little bro for the first time. He was full of caution as he approached the bed. He carefully climbed up and snuggled in with mom while reaching ever so gently to touch his brother's face. This moment right here...so good. 

A handmade poster just for Owen's brother! During the pregnancy, baby was lovingly referred to as "Tookie". 

The excitement of meeting his brother was overshadowed by the package of fruit gummies he received as a gift. Food>Brother.

Making memories in the first 24-28 hours after birth is so important. I can barely remember anything that happened after my kids' births and am so thankful for the photos I have. Endorphins, hormones, emotions, exhaustion, and more all wash over you as a new parent. It's beautiful, wondrous, and completely overwhelming! 

Documenting these fleeting hours is a gift: give yourself or someone you know these memories. Get in touch!