The Heart of Family Storytelling | Travel + Experience + Gelato

This spring, the family and I took our inaugural trip to Italy. Rome, Florence, Venice and some towns in between. High speed trains, rental cars, taxis, and walking (lots and LOTS of walking). 

I've been wanting to share some experiences from our Italy trip, beyond a solitary image, because there is a huge story to be told. 

Preparing for a trip abroad, anxiously waiting to board the plane, getting blankets, books, and devices ready for the LONG ride ahead is worth it because when the wheels touch down, the anticipation is palpable! Finally, here we are with all the wonder and excitement a new destination brings.

What emotions do you feel when traveling? Excitement, worry, butterflies...?

While we were in Florence, we all took a gelato and pizza cooking class. Tuscan hills, beautiful view, lovely instructors, and excellent food made for an amazing experience. 

I will share our pizza adventure next week, but for today, it's all about gelato. Cold, sweet, and so smooth (even without dairy for my son and I). We learned the science behind it and even got to watch our instructor use liquid nitrogen to quickly cool and prepare his own batch. You can imagine the surprise when that canister arrived!

Now, feast your eyes...