An Italian Experience: Pizza Making in the Tuscan Hills | June 5 on 5

Spring in Italy is completely swoon-worthy. The ancient wisteria cascading over trellises weighed down with thousands of blossoms mixed with their intoxicating scent; looking out over olive groves bathed in the peachy glow of a perfect sunset, and a big furry dog lovingly tackling my daughter made Florence a magical place.

We took a trip to the hills of Tuscany, just outside of Florence to take part in what turned out to be one of our best experiences: a hands-on cooking class where we made our own pizza and gelato.

We learned how the flour texture and quality is completely different in Italy, how much yeast to add into our water, and how to gently activate it by rolling and throwing down onto the marble table top. The kids LOVED this part (I mean, who wouldn't?). We *might* have spilled a bit of wine while making the dough...and some water (twice). 

Delicious olives, salumi, mozzarella, basil, artichokes, and grilled veggies surrounded us for creating our very own pizzas. 

Olivia was quick to make friends with another chef in training! Together, they squished beautiful San Marzano tomatoes into fresh sauce for the pizza. These two were delighted to really get their hands into it!


We learned about the rise and proofing process, how to gently stretch the dough into a circle and then of course, tossing the dough with a flick of the wrist and hopefully catching it before it fell into a heap! Spreading the freshly made sauce, adding just a few toppings so as to not overwhelm the palate, and then tossing into the beautiful brick oven for a mere 2 minutes!

Was it good? YES! Perfectly chewy, the freshest toppings, and made by our own hands. Nothing could be better. 

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