Summer Blueberry Picking | July 5 on 5 Documentary Photography

Every summer, for the last 4 or so years, the kids and I make a trip to Morning Shade Farm to see how many blueberries we can pick before the sweat drips in our eyes, there's not enough water, and, "Mom, do we really need anymore berries?" The farm itself is quiet, far enough outside the city to feel like you are really in the country, and staffed with delightful and helpful people. Having been raised on a farm and visiting my dad, who is still hard at work at the age of 70 (!), it's so wonderful to see family farms still supporting local agriculture and communities.

Even though we had lined buckets and bowls we brought from home, collecting berries in hands and the crook of your arm seemed a much more enticing way to go. Liv was a trooper, picking more berries than any one of us. She *really* loves her fruit!

Carter was lucky enough to have his good buddy along for the adventure, because we all know that middle schoolers need someone other than mom and sister tagging along. Towards the end of the morning, they all were *done*, so of course they sampled some berries and began "shooting" a few into the bucket - note the small ball coursing through the air!

With her new Hillsboro Hops hat on backwards (just like brother), Liv takes a stroll down the row to find some more blues. The sun was so bright, but fortunately, not too hot, so we didn't melt entirely. Underneath our hats though...eek!

Under the cool shade outside the barn, we brought our freshly picked berries up to be weighed: 8 pounds between the 4 of us. And this is why I always pre-order 20# for freezing! Delicious fresh honey, marion berries, and some blackberries were also available that day. If you're in Canby or want to make the drive, I highly recommend it.

The best part of the day? These helpful and kind boys picking up 30 pounds of blueberries and carrying it to the car without me even asking; overhearing their laughter at trying to lift it into the back of the SUV, watching Carter trip over his own feet, and the coolness of A/C blowing on us as we drove back to the city. This is what summer is all about.

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