First Day of Summer | Portland Family Documentary Photography

Hello, summer!

We were graced with sun, warmth, and a walk to lunch (delicious ramen: I highly recommend the summer cold ramen) with daddy on our first official day of summer. It's such a treat to spend time in areas of Portland that we normally just bustle our way through. Walking around town lends itself to so many discoveries and adventures.

This super cool building is right next to Nate's office, so I had to snap a photo while waiting to cross the street. They have been working for weeks on just this one west facing wall. I can't wait to see the finished project!

Fair-Haired Dumbell building burnside bridge

Liv and I took advantage of some bright neon, air conditioning, and a troupe of other kids slinging nickels into machines, waiting for tickets to pop out so they could trade them in for to some "treasures" at the Avalon Theater.

girl in green sweater
girl playing skeeball

The one thing the girl LOVES... skee ball! We spent most of our nickels and watched the tickets pour out, except for when they didn't and that brought out the true competitor in Liv!

girl playing at the arcade

Anxiously waiting to see if she would hit the 10K loop!

girl and fruit ninja video game

As much as I loved playing skee ball, it was the BEST having 4 hands on screen smashing and dashing fruit together and trying our best not to hit the bombs.

yoyo treasures from arcade hanging from tree

A cheap yo-yo from the arcade that lasted only a day, now hangs ceremoniously from our maple tree in the back yard. At least it compliments the hydrangeas below!

Here's to the beginning of beautiful days, lazing around, taking unexpected city tours, and living summer to the fullest!