A Curated Gifting List {something for almost everyone} | Amy Thelen Photography Knows Gifts

I’ve always wanted to make a beautifully curated list of gifts that are good for anyone you care for, because my love language is gifting to others (more on that in another blog post). Be it holidays, birthdays, or just a whatever kinda day, it’s hard to pull out a gift that really means something if you haven’t given it much thought.

Sometimes, we just need an image to spark our curiosities or remind us of something that this special person mentioned months ago.

Handmade and local are equally important to me as well. I strive to support small, local businesses, knowing that isn’t always possible. You will find a collection of handmade in Portland as well as items handmade from other cities in this list.

I hope that this may help you, especially since the days are growing short (no, really…have you seen how dark it gets by 4:45pm?) and time is running faster than humanly possible.

Each image has a clickable link to take you to these items, where I guarantee you will find other beautiful and functional goods to drool over. Enjoy your time with a cup of tea or coffee and a warm fire blazing at your feet!