Parenting 101: How to Love a Family Photo Session (even when your kid is OVER it)

You can picture it right now, can't you? It starts with getting dressed. You've worked so hard to put together the perfect complementary outfits for your children, you and your husband. It looks like the weather will hold for your annual spring portraits. You've brushed hair through tears, made promises that the session won't be long and there will be a treat afterwards if you can just all get through the next hour.

But, oh, the complaints, anxiety and uncomfortableness begin as you're driving to your location. Tears are falling, shoes are too tight, this dress is itchy, do I have to wear this?!

You are done before you've even started and it feels awful.

Now, imagine this:

Today, you will wake up casually to the sounds of your children laughing and playing happily. I am sitting in the playroom engaging, observing, and capturing authentic interactions. You walk by and watch for a few moments before wandering into the kitchen to make coffee. You might invite your children in to help with breakfast, which one gladly accepts, while dragging the step stool over to the counter, collecting a whisk or bowl on the way. Pancakes, you pronounce, with some fresh squeezed juice will be on the menu.

Now, I'm seeking those moments that you are so accustomed to, but aren't aware of. I'll snap the cloud of flour as it's poured into the bowl, or the egg as it's cracked and some spills onto the counter. The giggles arising from below the countertop as another child peeks up to see the activity: little hands, big hands, moving and creating. Ah, it's SO good!

But then, the magic flickers and one child is yelling at another, or at you. 

It's all good, my friend. Guess what? I'm there to get each of these moments and watch as they unfold. You're holding one child and trying to calm another, your partner is here to help as well. The love held in this space is palpable. Isn't it amazing to have this human experience? And I'm here to make sure you have a visual memory forever.

Who needs or wants perceived perfection? I want passion, compassion, joy, heartfelt connection and comfort. Life is created and lived through our sweeping emotions! Kids aren't the only ones who feel deeply, but freely share this with the world. When documenting your life, the tremendous benefit comes from being yourself. Imagine the freedom! 

Let go of worrying over all the little details of wardrobe, hair, weather, and attitudes. Revel in the knowledge that your soul will be lighter and more joyous when enjoying your family for who they are in the simplicity of the present. This session and photos will ring the truest, will bring authentic emotions and create a stronger family connection. 

We all strive for this. Here's your path.

To building greater connections,