Sunday Morning Breakfast for Four | Sellwood Family Photographer

This rainy Sunday morning began with all four in the kitchen, making tea and breakfast. Small and big feet alike dancing their known rhythm while delicious foods were being eaten as time permitted between the laughter. The boys told secrets, showed me their rooms, and let me into their private world. The joy was palpable in this house! Shelves and shelves of books, an old fashioned typewriter, painters tape art, and then came playing with the rest of the family. Reading, card games, mini helicopters, and a fest of togetherness on the couch.

Your home doesn't need to be filled with light, organized, or ready for the cover of Home Beautiful to be worthy of remembrance.  The life inside your house lives in you. Your home is a reflection of who you are in this moment and maybe that's just a bit crazy today. Who knows what tomorrow may look like?