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Imagine the
extraordinary in the ordinary

The all-day pajamas, running naked in the sprinkler, screaming in the grocery store for “just one more” thing, falling asleep in the car after a long day, jumping in the 7th pile of laundry on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s hard to let someone behind the scenes, when you have to trust that giving access to your life will be respected. I fully accept this trust and with it, the responsibility to care for your family with authenticity. 


how this goes:

I show up wherever you want. Home, bowling alley, hair salon, Mt Everest (okay, maybe not there)…honestly, it can be anywhere.

I take pictures of you doing your thing.

You get to have fun and not worry. I will totally make you laugh.




Some people dig spending a long time with me, but maybe you’re new to this and want to get a taste of this real life photography.

Easy peasy.

Choose your time and session fee*.

*small print warning: all products, including digital files are in addition to the session fee.


and the pricing:

  • Short Story (2ish hours) - 300

  • Middle Story (4ish hours) - 500

  • Yearlong Story* (12 hours) - 1200

*The “Yearlong” is 2-4 sessions spread across a year. You get to choose the times of your life you most want documented. The end product will be an album and a curated wall gallery to showcase the magic of your family.


Whether it’s the first time or the fourth time around the block, adding another human to your family is wild.

You are now different than you were before.  You have a new title and it’s a big one.

We all know time is fickle. When we are waiting and watching, the continuum is like a slow moving cloud, but we turn our backs and suddenly months have passed.  

The fog of parenthood is pervasive in it’s ability to ebb and flow.  You want to recall all the little details from the wrinkly, old-person skin to the chunky, well-nourished baby you hold in your arms hour after hour.  

Maybe it’s the milk that gets caught in her neck folds, or the short lived acne on his cheeks and nose.  The smell of your baby’s head, the late night snuggles, and the tears because you just want to take a shower for more than 37 seconds.

This is a family story that you all will want to remember.


how this goes:

Locations: home, hospital or birthing center. 

I will come to wherever you and your baby are shortly after giving birth and stay for up to two hours, documenting all the little amazing things about your new relationship. This will be a time to share a special, sacred space with your child. Nursing, first aware looks, skin to skin, and likely sleeping.



If you prefer to wait, I will join you in your home in the first few days to celebrate this newest human.

The magic and fog and wonder of it all will be thick and make you heady, so I will be there to help you remember all the goodness.


and the pricing:

  • Short Story session fee - 300

This includes up to two hours and one social media file to share announcing your new baby.

Please contact me for further information and pricing.


because Your birth experience is like no other.

“There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it.”  — SHERYL FELDMAN

The power that you hold is palpable in your birthing space.  The energy exuded, if harnessed, could rival the universe.  There are also an indefinite amount of unknowns and emotions that live in each woman’s birth.  Your experience is like no other.

During labor and birth, the brain and spirit must work together. It is incredibly exhausting and exhilarating. You will likely not remember the details, the support from your team, the unseen looks of love, or the tiny touches to bring you back to earth.  The pictures that both celebrate and acknowledge the work you do will be there to help you process your passage into motherhood.

Your birth photographer should fit into your space without a second thought.

I strive to support you and your birth team with graciousness and serenity, whether you are at home, hospital, or birthing center. 


how this goes:

We will meet in person (at your home, tea/coffee shop, place of comfort) to discuss your wishes, hopes, and some down to earth things about my role and what to expect during your birth.

This will be a time to get to know one another, talk logistics, and go over any questions that you may have. 

I will be on call beginning at 38 weeks to document your birth.  I will do so with compassion, support, and professionalism.  



The beauty of the moment is stronger when color isn’t a factor, thus, I generally edit your images in black and white.  

There are times when a flash allows me to capture details that would otherwise be impossible. If a low light source will disturb your birthing space, I will respectfully turn it off.

Please make sure to communicate your wishes to your birthing team (doctors, nurses, midwife, doula, etc) as in some cases, photography is not allowed or only under certain conditions. 


and the pricing:

  • Birth Session Fee: 850

Included in this fee: In-person consult, on-call from 38 weeks, and 1-2 hours after birth. One social media photograph to share within 3 days of birth + a birth announcement image.

All prints, albums, and digital files are purchased separately through collections or a la carte. Packages begin at $800.