In our often rushed lives, I find that it's easy to miss the things that make us unique. While our routines may seem mundane, there is something special hidden under the surface, which is why my heart is in photography. When your child holds onto your leg, wipes their dirty hands on your shirt, asks you for water for the 40th time, giggles uncontrollably, or needs to cry in your arms; these are the moments that are treasured in years to come. I want to document your life in all its chaos and beauty.

As a child, I watched my father work into the late night, harvesting wheat, carrots, green beans or whatever was in season. Growing up on a working farm has given me a rich perspective on community, service, and our place on this earth. I am so grateful for all the experiences my parents offered me.

In 1998, I graduated with my Bachelors in Philosophy, moved to Southern California and pursued my Masters in Education in 2000. I taught 1st and 2nd grades until my first child was born. I made a choice to stay home, but continued my passion for education in creating a Waldorf early childhood program. I photographed all the events at our school, which grew my love for documentary photography. Watching children grow, play in the dirt, climb trees, feed ducks, and just be present was pure magic. Shortly after my daughter was born, my family made the move back to our home state of Oregon to be closer to our families, which has been such a blessing to all of us.

Now I find myself moving through life in a series of whimsical, creative and often messy moments: my kids, Carter (11) and Olivia (7) and husband, Nate, take my hands and my heart. They are the most present of souls and gleefully guide me in who I am becoming as a mother, a woman, and a professional. I take these moments and infuse my work with all that they entail. You may find me serious, passionate, or giggling from one second to the next; being present for sparks in your child, in you, and in this moment.

Let's capture these sparks together. 

All my best,                                                                                       Amy